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pOSK is an on-screen keyboard that can be used on any Windows computer and give users the ability to type text. It is 100% configurable and works like a native Win32 application. You can choose from millions of pre-made layouts or make your own with our easy to use WYSIWYG editor. And the best part? You can distribute your own layouts and share them for everyone to use. Install instructions: For Microsoft Windows: 1. Put the folder of pOSK in any folder on your desktop. 2. Double click the file in your desktop. OR 2. In Windows Explorer, right-click the pOSK folder on your desktop and select Run As Administrator. 3. Enter C: Desktop\pOSK\pOskinstaller.exe into the dialog box, press OK, then press OK again. 4. Wait until the install begins, then close the installer when the intro screen pops up. For Apple Macintosh: 1. Choose Contents or Applications in Finder (Mac OS X 10.1x or later) or Finder (Mac OS X 10.2x or later) 2. Double-click the pOSK folder to install. pOSK is not supported for Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows Server 2003. Please see the FAQ page for more info. pOSK does not work on Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 Dr. Memory is a compact, memory-efficient and reliable PC memory diagnostics program. It provides built-in memory tests for error-free or fastest memory access, and allows for a manual analysis of the system memory with included features such as a detailed memleak analysis and memory information display, etc. Dr. Memory can also be used as a diagnostic tool for your friends or work colleagues, without needing to install software. Dr. Memory does not make system-wide memory tests, and is not intended to replace the memory-checking utilities provided by your operating system. However, Dr. Memory can be used to test for memory problems, to locate faulty memory modules, to find memory leaks, and to identify memory types. Features: * Diagnostics for Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, and Linux systems * Test and analyse memory with detailed information on heap usage, memory type, values in lists and more * Comprehensive check for error-free or fastest memory access * Find and remove memory leaks * Hardware monitoring of a5204a7ec7

1- The key you're pressing is highlighted on the soft keyboard. 2- Key Combination are easy to record and reproduce without the need to go to the menu if you want to switch key combination. 3- Auto Pasting with delay for copy/paste, infinite paste for txt or application, separation between type of paste and paste duration. 4- Automatic Insertion of special characters of word, i.e. get automatically the " a", " t", " n" Characters, it's like a word processor. 5- A minimal tray icon for a secondary layer. 6- Many options (alignment, color,...) to customize it. 7- Save custom keyboard layouts to the pOSK as seperate *.PCL files. 8- Save/Load/Edit the keyboard layout for a specific user. 9- Print the keyboard layout. 10- Save/Load/Edit the keyboard layout for a specific application. 11- Activate the keyboard layout from the Start menu. 12- Keyboard selection, launch default or create a shortcut to the keyboard. 13- Switch keyboard layout between different categories like dvorak, ascii or unicode keyboard. 14- Enable/Disable app keyboard mode. COPY TO DESKTOP ----- (START MENU) [+]============================= [+]Load | Save | Exit [+]-> [X] -> [ ] [+]============================= Save keyboard layout from the menu: 1- Name of file: enter a name for the file. 2- Destination folder: choose where to save the file. 3- Exit to system. Note: see me to create the first keyboard layout and see the video tutorial in a following update. FAQ: Q: How to create keyboard layouts with the keyboard designer? A: After create the keyboard layout, open the designer to edit the layout and create the new combination. Q: how many keyboard layouts can I save? A: At the moment you can only save one keyboard layout per file (.pcl). Q: Can't I save custom keyboard layouts in a local disk? A: Yes, it's now possible to save custom keyboard layouts in your local disk. You have to press "Save as" or from the menu "Select where

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